ONE™ (natural acne treatment) THE NATURAL WAY TO CLEAR SKIN

Natural Acne Treatment: See the Best Treatment for Acne

ONE™ - ance treatment dropsHave you heard of natural acne treatment? Many different factors can cause acne development on our skin. We cannot avoid the possible negative side effects of weight loss to our skin. Acne treatment varies according to the severity of the infection. Treatments may take many weeks before results seen. Once you get red spot on skin, you should look for the best acne treatment to control the outbreaks of spots.

ONE™ is the natural way for you to get back the clear skin that you deserve. It is a natural acne treatment with a blend of natural, effective ingredients. The drops are non-greasy. They have a pleasant aroma that would not make you surrounded with the smelling of chemicals. It works as drops on your skin spots. Use the dropper supplied to apply a few drops of ONE™ to your fingertips and smooth it onto your affected skin.

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Is ONE™ for you?

Have you been searching for the best acne spot treatment? Also, you have tried many ways about ‘how to remove pimples’ without any success? Even though weight loss may not be the key factor in causing those ‘Red Spots on the Skin‘. It is often the cause of skin and hair disorders.

Now, there is a remedy to help you in getting rid of the skin problem that you have due to weight loss. It will help you to get a younger and better skin appearance while losing weight.

ONE™ BY CLEAR SKIN MAX is a skin care product for natural acne treatment. It is not only helping you to fight red spot on skin and heal your acne scar. It also has a smoothing action that reduces inflammation and redness at the same time.

What are the ingredients used in ONE™?

Below are the main ingredients:-

1. Bilberry Leaf: It has a high level of Tannin. Bilberry leaf has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help to slow down the breakouts.

2. Calendula: Its main functions are to stop the spread of infection and to minimize scarring by replacing dead skin cells with new ones during the healing process.

3. Thyme: A study conducted by the scientists at Leeds Metropolitan University found that Thyme, an herb which does a better job than the famous ‘benzoyl peroxide’ (an active ingredient in most washes and creams for acne sufferers) in the area of antibacterial effect on skin.

4. Witch Hazel: A well-known astringent / antidote to swelling and inflammation, it’s used to reduce the red spots on skin.

5. Knotted Wrack: Stimulates the renewal of damaged skin cell, the elasticity of the skin, improves the suppleness, tones and moisturizes.

6. Yarrow: Help the infected skin heal with little scarring and smooth out the surrounding skin.

7. Lemon Oil: It is a natural product with many benefits for the skin such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and an astringent.

8. Grapefruit Seed: The grapefruit seed extract’s used with two functions: infection control, preventing infection from springing up, and a cleanser helping to clear up infections.

How does ONE™ work?

Sometimes, skin breakouts can be persistent. If you tackle one area, they will pop up in another if bacteria allowed to thrive. When you apply ONE™ onto your affected area of skin, it will kill the bacteria. And, it stops the inflammation to control the breakouts of spots.

Once it is under control, you would not feel itchy. You will not want to touch or scratch those spots. This will prevent the spread of infection, which could cause further breakouts. Your skin will heal faster and leave less scarring.

Besides having the acne treatment. You will get the best results if you can apply some simple techniques to eradicate acne at the same time. These simple techniques include the following:-

1. Makeup: If you used to have makeup on your face before going to bed, then you should remove any makeup before sleeping.

2. Wash up: Sometimes, cold or hot water can increase acne infection. It’s recommended to use lukewarm water for washing your skin. Then, wash the affected area using any mild soap or cleansers.

3. Frequency: Washing the affected area more than twice a day will just worsen the condition. Try to reduce your frequency of washing the affected area or your face to avoid irritating the skin.

4. Spot: Do not squeeze blackheads or spots because it will just worsen your condition. In some cases, squeezing them may just cause a permanent scarring.

5. Hair: Make sure your hair kept clean and does not fall across your face. Dirty hair spreads the bacteria responsible for acne infection.

The Natural Acne Treatment to Clear Skin

ONE™ - Wave Goodbye to Skin TroubleYou can buy ONE™ BY CLEAR SKIN MAX with full confidence from Bauer Nutrition. Because it has a no-risk, 60 DAY GUARANTEE of a full refund with no question asked. So, go ahead and wave goodbye to your skin trouble.

Benefits of ONE™ (Natural Acne Treatment):

• Rapidly reduce and prevent infection of spots

• Liquid form is non-greasy and pleasant smelling

• Soothes angry red skin to lessen your itchy feeling

• Closes pores and reduces scarring quickly for better appearance

• Reduces inflammation by killing the bacteria, encourages healing faster

• Best treatment for acne with natural herbal extracts

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